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$210,000 of Success

November 21st, 2007

A whole day of processing two of the people I know turned them from not having any hope in raising money they needed to being completely free and creating $210,000 in less than two days. This is the biggest financial result I have had so far…

Monday I spent most of my day with two men that I have known for years that are in a partnership with me. They are successful real estate investors who have done millions of dollars of transactions for themselves. Right now they are working on a long term deal to build a large storage unit complex. It is going to take two years to complete and about a million and a half in investor money to make the deal happen. They have both invested personal money as well as other people’s money in this project. They have the knowledge and skill to make this project successful, but…

Monday they were on the verge of giving up. They had no hope. There were no possibilities. As far as they were concerned the deal was going to have to get done with their own money and there was no way to make the deal happen any other way. They were trapped. Trapped. They were almost to the point of giving up completely.

Well, when I walked in to their office I had already determined in my head that I was going to make a difference with these two men. I was there to do the process with them and to help them get past these perceived obstacles.

The first thing I did was have them both get out paper and create their Messes list. There is a whole chapter of my book dedicated to Messes. Messes are those things that are left undone in your life. Things that aren’t finished, incomplete. After about an hour they had both exhausted their Messes list. I then had them pick their top three Messes and we would start working on them together. Quickly we had two of them done and they were feeling like they could tackle the rest of the list. Action does that. Action creates some freedom.

We also created a new game called “raise $50,000 by Wednesday at 4 p.m.” They were working on this storage unit deal and needed another $50,000 in earnest money to make the deal happen. This is what had them so weighed down. After we got in to action, we quickly decided on a list of people to call and talk to about investing. I left one of the partners to finish that work.

Still, there were some things that weren’t working. The other partner would “disappear” in appointments. He wouldn’t engage in the conversation with potential investors. He backed off completely. What happens when you back down in an appointment? You don’t get to do business with the person you held the appointment with. This was killing their business.

He and I went to a park and I did the process from the book and some other processes that I know with him. When we finished two hours later, he felt more light and excited than he had since he was a young teenager.

Honestly, i was tired after that much processing, so I went and had lunch at 3 p.m. by myself at the IHOP (unfortunately).

Tuesday I talked to them both and made sure they were doing well. They were. They were holding appointments and feeling really good about what was going to happen. They were planning on holding a real estate seminar that night and I went over the agenda with them to make sure they were on the same page and knew the objective and the intention of the evening. One of the things I always stress is that these kind of meetings begin and end on time, and they are getting good at making that happen. We talked about what they were going to create and they shared their vision of the evening.

I talked to both of them today. They didn’t raise the $50,000 they needed…

They raised $210,000 that is in escrow now and there is more to come. They finished their meeting on time at 7:30 p.m. but invited people to stay and talk. They both left the building about 11 p.m. In that time they had created $210,000 in new money to invest with, and more on the way next week. They didn’t just make their goal. They made four times their goal. IN TWO DAYS!

Listen, if this is the result in their lives, what will the result in your life be? What are you going to create?

Did I tell you I have lost 40 pounds? It’s true. I have lost 40 pounds since January.

You see, this process isn’t just about weight or making money, it is about every facet of life. Freedom affects every part of your life.

My question for you is this: What are you creating today?