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    Tyler Seamons is a long time advocate of freedom and excitement in the lives of everyone around him. Who Are You Really? is the result of years of success in helping people to overcome all the obstacles that stand between them and success. It is time for you to experience some freedom and success. Pick up your copy of Who Are You Really? today!
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Are You Successful?

You were born to be successful, rich, and happy…so why aren’t you?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why?

beach1.jpgWhy don’t you have everything you have ever wanted? What is stopping you from going out there and conquering the world like you always wanted to? Why aren’t you spending your summers on the beach in Hawaii?

I have developed a process that will help you be successful: free to get everything you ever wanted to get, to do everything you wanted to do, and be who you have always wanted to be.

As you read this, two men that have done the process are creating millions of dollars in real estate investments for themselves and their clients. Before they did the process outlined in the book,porsche1.jpg they didn’t have any clients. They were just two men doing their own real estate investing, making a little money.

They called me today and told me they have acquired their two and a half million in investment money.

A woman I helped through the process last November had been trying to achieve a goal for 8 years. 8 years of work and she never got her goal. After we did the process, she completed the goal in six weeks. That’s successful.

The completion of this goal doubled her income.

But there’s only a handful of people who know the truth of who they really are and how to be successful…

beach31.jpgIf you’re like most people, you’re stuck in a prison. However, you’re not kept small and locked in a regular prison with bars, walls, balls and chains. You’re kept living a small life by your own Mind.

Did you know that you were born free? Did you know that you were born successful? It’s true. You were born for greatness. You were born for better things. You were born to be AMAZING!

What is in your Mind is preventing you from achieving success.

How would it be for you to be successful at everything you wanted?

What would your life be like if you had the big house, the nice car, the ultimate spouse, and a beautiful, successful family?


What if I told you that the only thing that was holding you back was your mind?

I have discovered a process that will free your mind and make it successful. If your mind is successful, you are successful. Success means that you get to go out and do everything you ever wanted to do.

I’m not talking about creating new habits or the Law of Attraction or some secret movie that you have to try to figure out.

In this book, I lay out the simple process of how create success in whatever you want! This process has changed life after life and it can change yours.

And I’m not just talking about changing your life, I’m talking about getting everything you ever wanted.

man1.jpgDo you want to be thin? I lost 50 pounds after doing the process for myself.

Do you want to be rich? Greg and Robert, two men I did the process with, raised over 2.5 million dollars.

Do you want to be confident? One man I did the process with created a new business for himself and has never been happier.

Do you want to meet someone special? Do you want to be in the relationship of your dreams? This process can free you enough to meet someone special.

Here is what some readers are saying:

I have been to many training classes and learned many techniques and until I read this book I didn’t know that there were parts of me that were hidden. What a wake up call! I have a better memory now than I have ever had before. My business has increased. My relationships have improved and the understanding of who I am is more clear that it has ever been. And now I know I’m not alone.

Kirk Duncan, www.Team2Power.com

Since my teens, I have uprooted my life every 6 to 8 years, selling all my belongings, moving to a new city, leaving relationships behind. It always started with a restless anger that simmered until I finally, with relief, leave my life behind, only to do it all over again several years later. I felt I was searching for something unattainable and felt uneasy and dissatisfied with my life. When I started working with Tyler and the process, I was starting to feel the restless anger again. Using the techniques and steps presented in this book, I realized that my consistent need to start over was rooted in a childhood trauma. I didn’t even realize what had happened then had affected me so dramatically. Using the techniques outlined in the book, I’ve been able to separate myself from the trauma and find an alternative to leaving my life behind. I still feel the restless anger from time to time, but now I know it’s not a sign to start packing, just a sign to take care of myself. This is a wonderful book, full of insight and divine inspiration. It’s made a huge difference in my life and my family’s lives.

Tiffiny Appelbaum, Tiffiny’s Designs

What a great tool for professionals to add to their tool box. I have used this process with the hospice patients and their families and it has brought peace and comfort when facing a terminal illness. It also has been a powerful tool to assist families to deal with the grieving process after the loss of a loved one. Because it is easy to explain and easy to implement, it can be introduced and used and produce results in a short amount of time, and the results continue to have impact after the process is complete.
I am responsible for supporting the professionals on my hospice team. They are highly trained and under a lot of pressure to care for patients and families with end-of-life issues. This process is an effective way to release stress and renew focus.
I like to revisit it for my own “tune up” practice. It is a quick way to “jump start” my batteries when I’m feeling overwhelmed or dealing with my own grieving process, after a particularly intense case load.

Rev. JeanneLauree Olsen
Hospice Chaplain
Haven Hospice and Home Health
Salt Lake City, Utah

Tyler’s insight and unique approach in helping us to recognize and let go of things that keep us from our full potential is truly inspired. I am greatful for his discovery.

H. Walton

This process works. There are things that hold you back from getting what you want. The process in this book works! It works over and over again.

What would your life be like if you were successful and free?

What if you were free to do everything that you ever wanted to do without suffering and pain? What if all of that doubt, regret, and fear were gone? How would your life be if all of the restraints you felt in your life disappeared?


In this book, I outline a process that will help you be free. This is not some secret or the law of attraction, it is a new process that will change your life!

The book is available to you today, instantly available for download, for ONLY $12.95!

Isn’t your success worth at least $12.95?

Get Who Are You Really? today and find out how to create success in everything you do!

I need to tell you a story. It’s a true story. It’s the story of the first person that did the process that I outline in the book. That person is me…

I used to have a problem. Life would happen and I would get so wound up and so bugged and angry that I had a hard time functioning. When things got bad, I shut off to the world, withdrew in to my life and stayed that way until I felt a little better. Then I would return to my life, deal with the Messes that were left over from me taking off, and go on until the next episode. Maybe you have experienced something similar. Maybe you have felt like you were stuck in a cycle you couldn’t get out of? Maybe you understand that when life happens you react, and sometimes you don’t react well. Do you know dsc_0371.jpgwhat I mean?

Well, after I discovered and did the process I outline in this book, I have never had an episode of uncontrolled anger again! I just don’t struggle with anger anymore. It’s simply gone.

This book has changed my life completely – and it can work for you, too!

Just think: by this time three days from now those things that you fight against could be gone, leaving you FREE and ready to do everything that you always wanted to do!

You’re About To Learn The Secrets That Most People Will Never Know About Mastering Their Mind.

Don’t wait one more minute! It’s time to have the life you always wanted.
The book is available for download today at the low price of $12.95!

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