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Please Stop Being Stupid

September 7th, 2009

Sometimes life’s circumstances are such a disappointment and a dismal representation of what we wanted our life to be like that we are tempted to do stupid things. If you are one of the people, like me, that have thought about doing stupid things when life gets ugly, I have a couple of words of advice: Don’t.

Just don’t.

Put your stupid petty complaints aside and start asking some new questions. Ask who you can help today. Ask what you can do to make the world a better place today. Ask who you can lift up today. Most of our problems are based in self-centeredness. If we let go of ourselves and really do follow the advice of the Saviour of the World, losing our lives in the service of others, those stupid petty problems we agonize over so much will fade in to a rich background of love, commitment, and peace.

I learned something a long time ago. At the time I was living alone, weeks from coming home from Italy. I was lonely. I was feeling unloved. I thought I was suffering a lot. I wondered what other people were doing. I wondered why they didn’t love me. I wondered what the crap I was going to do with myself. But mostly I wondered why I was feeling so unloved. Then I caught a glimpse of wisdom. I was asking how I could feel more love in my life and the answer came to me like a magical ton of bricks. If you want to feel more love, give more love. If you are feeling no love in your life it is because you are completely withholding that love from other people. You have to give love to receive love.

So when you feel like doing something stupid like getting a bottle of scotch and shooting yourself in the chest with a revolver, don’t. Instead, ask who you can give love to, and go give some love. You’ll feel much better.

How The Process Went

November 9th, 2007

I told you that I was going to go do the process with someone who had been stuck. Well, we did it yesterday morning. His Core Value called itself Angry. We talked for about an hour. Angry didn’t want anything good for my friend. It wanted him to be angry at all costs.

When we were finished with the process we created a new Starting Point. I asked him to tell me who he is now.

His answer: Light

I’ve known him for years and I have never seen him that peaceful and content.

I’ll be watching him to see what happens and make sure he doesn’t go back and I will check in here now and again to let you know how he is doing.

Lastly, my friend Tammy died last week. She was one of the first people that I took through the process. She was amazing. She passed away in a fatal car accident on her way home from work.

The day she came to my office to do the process changed her life. Her life was better and I hope she lived her life completely and fully with love after being in my office with me.